Ford V4

The Ford V4 engines aren’t the most common type of engines in the classic car world. The v4 engines are a lot harder to make and are a lot more complex than the common inline engines. The biggest advantage of the Ford V4 engine is that it is a lot smaller than the other engines. For this reason, this engine is a great fit for smaller cars.

Ford V4 engines

Ford is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. It is founded in the US by Henry Ford. Ford still sells a lot of cars in the US but has also a significant market share in Europa and China. Ford has really broadened its sales around the world and is not specifically oriented on its home market in the US anymore.

Henry Ford, the founder of the brand Ford, had always had a fascination for machines. Henry Ford started experimenting with petrol engines and in 1893 he managed to get one to actually work. In 1899 he founded Detroit Automobile Company with several other investors. Unfortunately, this company went bankrupt within the first year. In 1903 Ford tried to start again together with eleven investors. He founded Ford Motor Company and patented all of his ideas and engines. The company started small with just a few employees. In the upcoming three years, Ford managed to become the biggest car manufacturer in the US.

Since Henry Ford had so much knowledge about building engines, Ford became very popular for its great working engines. The image of Ford engines remained to be great for many upcoming years. At the beginning of the 21st century Ford has been struggling with keeping up. Nowadays, Ford is still a very big car brand and popular in many different countries around the world. However, Ford is struggling a lot financially and for this reason quite some factories have been closed in the past years.

ford v4
ford v4 engine

Wat makes the Ford V4 so special?

The reason why Ford started making V4 engines was to make compact engines that where suitable for front wheel drivers. Since V4 engines can be made a lot smaller than the regular engines, the v4 engines were used mostly for the front wheel drivers since those have only little space for the engine. The Ford V4 engine was designed for the front wheel drivers but soon after the production of the engine, the engine seemed to be useable for many different cars. Since the engine turned out to be very versatile, the Ford V4 engine was used for many different purposes. For instance, the V4 engine was used for generators, pumps and snowmobiles. Even the German army used the Ford engine for their Munga Jeeps. Because of its quality and versatility, the Ford V4 became very popular worldwide. If you are in need of parts of this V4 engine or a full Ford V4 engine, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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