At Sweedspeed racing you can have your car adjusted to the factory values or to the values of the engine builder. We can measure both statically and dynamically. The roller test bench is from the manufacturer H.P.A. which is the only one with a water-cooled eddy current brake.

The advantage is that you can measure / test for a very long time before you have to stop because of an overheated brake. So there is no need to wait valuable time for this brake to cool down again. You can also simply have your car tested how much power and torque it has.

porsche dyno website
After the test you will receive a printout with all data including driveline losses. The costs of the roller test bench are: Euro 120, – excluding VAT. per hour. (the first hour is always Euro 140,- excluding VAT, regardless of the number of minutes that has been rolled in connection with tensioning, checking etc. !!)

Roller test bench is only for 2 wheel drive cars and motorcycles.

For more information, please contact us.