Saab V4

The Saab V4 engine is an all-time classic engine used in legendary Saab cars like the Saab 96 and the Saab 99. This engine is particularly famous because of the wide range of customization options that can be used on it and the sturdiness and overall quality of the engine. Since the beginning of our company, we have mainly focused on these engines. Therefore, we are highly skilled in working on these engines and provide the necessary changes needed for these engines.

Replace your flywheel on a Saab v4

If your Saab V4 engine flywheel is broken, we’re here to repair it for you! We have high quality flywheels in our inventory, which will make sure that your engine returns to its original state and can be used for several more years. In our webshop we have a selection of flywheels for your Saab engine. If you can’t do it yourself, we are here to do it for you. You can contact us for custom repairs of your Saab engine, and we will make sure the new flywheel fits and works perfectly!

Saab V4 injection

The fuel injection is a very important part of your saab v4 engine. It transports the fuel to your engine which makes it possible to run. Sometimes this injection can break and this can cause a lot of damage. Therefore make sure to safely repair your Saab v4 injection using only genuine and high quality materials. If you use cheaper material the Saab V4 injection may break again and cause massive damage to your engine.

saab v4
saab v4

Saab V4 brakes

Having good quality brakes , is something that is essential for every car. Without good working brakes you can end up in some very dangerous situations. Therefore make sure your Saab V4 brakes are working correctly and are not damaged or broken. If this is the case, then make sure to repair them as soon as possible to avoid dangerous situations. You can find genuine high quality Saab brakes V4 in our own webshop.

Saab V4 tuning

Sweedspeed is not only able to repair your Saab car, but can also be used to tune your Saab. Our Saab tuning V4 makes sure that your car reaches it maximum power and performance level. We use high quality arp bolts, to make sure every part of the car stays in its correct place and will not be able to move. Our high quality ARP bolts are able to be used for several years without needing it to be replaced. We can also tune your conrod and replace it with a new and stronger conrod. If you want to know more about our tuning service , feel free to contact us!

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