Saab 96

The Saab 96 is an automobile manufactured and marketed by Saab from 1960 to January 1980. The Saab 96 was the direct replacement of the all time classic Saab 93. The 96 was and is a legendary occasion mostly used during rally races. The V4 edition, known as the Saab 96 v4, is known for its powerful engine. Nowadays the Saab 96 ‘s power is less noticeable but there is still above average performance locked in these cars. Sweedspeed can help you unlock and optimize this power with our various parts for optimization and tuning and even Saab exhausts, usable on nearly every Saab.

Saab 96 tuning

The Swedish automobile company Saab was found in 1947. It was known for its reliable high-end performance cars and implementation of new and exciting innovation within the automobile world. The company had a motto “Born from Jets”, and that was completely intentionally. Before the company started producing cars, it was focussed on producing for the Swedish aerospace. The first ever Saab, the Saab 92 was produced in 1949. This car already started to compete in racing rally’s when it was only a couple weeks old. Although the company is now defunct, they are still known for their high reliability and high-performance cars. If you do happen to own a Saab you can upgrade the performance by tuning. Sweedspeed can provide you with every part you need to get your Saab 96 rally to a higher level. We provide various Saab 96 Brakes and Saab exhausts which are in great condition and are made from high quality materials.

saab 96
saab 96

Saab 96 injection

With the Saab 96 injection, you can upgrade your motor and your Saab to a Saab rally car. If you wish to do this, you need to have some knowhow about upgrading or restoring your saab motor. If this is not the case, fear not because we can do this for you. With our ultra-modern Dynotest workbench, we make sure that your Saab 96 injection is done in the correct way. Our Dynotest workbench also makes it possible to provide adjustments to the ignition and check if this engine still meets today’s requirements.

Buying Saab 96 brakes and exhausts

High quality performance parts are an essential element for racing cars like the Saab rally. However, they are not only limited to racing cars and can also be used on a regular non-race-car. Performance parts are able to increase the horsepower, acceleration and speed of a card and also improve handling, braking distance and overall fuel consumption. Sweedspeed has all the parts that you need to upgrade your SAAB car. Our parts are not only suitable for Saab 96 or Saab rally, but will also fit on all other models. We provide a wide range of different SAAB tuning parts, ranging from simple upgrades to advanced tuning parts. We are able to provide you with everything that you will need to keep your SAAB running, and gain the most out of it. Our knowhow of these cars ranges far beyond basic knowledge of parts.

Custom motors for your Saab 96 V4

Our knowledge and expertise for these cars goes far beyond providing the essential parts. We are also trained mechanics that are able to make custom engines for race cars like the Saab V4, Ford , Jaguar , Maserati and even Ferrari. Using the best possible parts, we make sure you receive a high-quality engine which will keep your old-timer running. Feel free to contact us about any questions you may have. You can contact us via +31 475 593 948 or send us an email.

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