Lucas oil

Oil is the life fuel for every car engine. Therefore it is necessary to provide your car with high quality oil. Lucas oil is one of the best oil brands in the world. Using high quality materials, Lucas oil will help your car immensely and provide the oil it needs. Lucas oil can be used on a vast amount of cars ranging from regular cars to (exotic) sports cars. There are different sorts of Lucas oil available fitted for specific sort of cars. Sweedspeed has the oil to give your car what it needs and deserves.

Lucas racing oil

Specifically designed for racing cars and containing high performance ingredients, Lucas racing oil is the solution for oil refillment of your racing car. The oil is purposely designed for the high-performance racing industry, and therefore the perfect solution for your racing car. Lucas racing is highly zinc fortified , which protects the metal within your engine. Moreover, it has a unique formula which lowers the oil temperature and therefore reduces the chances of an overheated engine.

Lucas oil distributors in Europe

Lucas oil is produced and fabricated in the United States of America. However, due to its popularity and unique blend of high-quality materials it was quickly made popular outside the United States. Therefore, there are a lot of Lucas Oil distributors throughout Europe and other continents, like Australia and even Asia. Sweedspeed is one of those distributors and has been selling Lucas oil for several years within the Netherlands.

lucas oil
lucas oil

Take a look at our webshop for our different Lucas oils

Our webshop contains everything you need for your car , including the required oil. We have several sorts of Lucas Oil in stock , which can be used on a vast amount of different cars. This includes the regular Lucas Oil , but also the racing variant and the high performance race care variant. Take a look at our webshop for more information about our products.

Why buy Lucas oil at Sweedspeed?

We have a lot of experience within the tuning and racing scene. We’ve worked with a lot of car manufacturers and have experience with a lot of different sort of cars. Therefore we know a thing or two about racing cars and how they should be treated. If you have any questions about our services, then feel free to contact us. We will make sure that we answer your question as soon as possible!

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